Introducing Movara Villas

Movara Villas is an upscale luxury Villa housing project situated on the property of Movara Fitness Resort. Located at the base of the majestic red mountains in Ivins Utah, each Villa’s main living space is on the second floor to enjoy the incredible views of the red mountains and pine valley mountains. 

Style and Design

With a modern/contemporary design, these villas stand out as the first of their kind in southern Utah. There is a private pool,  hot tub and putting green on the property for villa owners access only. 

About the Villas

Each Villa is approximately 800 square feet of living space and furnished with contemporary and modern furniture. The Villas offer a more luxurious experience to those seeking this type of accommodation.  Each Villa is furnished with a king sized bed, sofa sleeper couch, fireplace upstairs and outdoor,  soaking tub,  Kitchen with refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, ice maker and sink. 

About the Villas

Each Villa has a covered patio with an outdoor tv.  With many windows throughout, each villa offers incredible views surrounding the Movara Villas.

Movara’s Mission: Provide the opportunity to experience clarity in a world of distractions.

Movara guests have been achieving RESULTS by experiencing clarity in 3 areas:


How & Why We Move


What We Eat & Why We Eat


What Drives US

Join the Movara community, and achieve results